Our Group Investments


Our group’s primary focus revolves around Energy, the Mining of energy resources, and water security. These categories will evolve and potentially merge over the investment life cycle to form a cohesive and value-driven investment group with operational efficiencies.

Our goal is to generate sustainable value for all stakeholders by providing significant contributions to every business, organization, partnership, or individual within our sphere of influence. Arbitrage Holdings has shifted from its original buy-and-build strategy to pave the way for a new era of association and investment. Leveraging our proprietary software and technology, we can actively assess a business’s position in real-time to make optimal decisions and enhance asset performance.

Our vision is to become the preferred South African-based diversified energy investment vehicle in the following areas:

Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Hydrogen)

Mining of thermal coal and renewable energy-related resources

Water Security

Information Technology for internal asset tracking, productivity, and health and safety

Diversified Approach

Arbitrage Holdings strives for diversification on all possible levels, being the industry, the exchanges it listed on and geographically. Diversification make sense where you can extract the out most value out of a value chain vertically and horizontally integrated into the core of each business.

A Perfect Arbitrage

The perfect arbitrage model is like a perfect storm where two or more cells come together to tap and enhance each other’s energy to such an extent that it accelerate the outcome in such an extraordinary way but unlike the storm, in finance we want to leverage of this phenomenon for shareholders gain.

In order to capitalise on these the company must be liquid with access to cash and finance in different geographical areas as well as being nimble with execution.