“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”
Steve Jobs

Investment Strategies

Arbitrage Holdings Limited is a public company, focusing on investing in a broad spectrum of companies across various exchanges and indexes across various geographical areas globally.

“Arbitrage is the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.”

The global market gives you the opportunity to arbitrage what the emotionally driven investor will buy or sell at versus the fundamental value of a company or commodity, but you’ve got to pull the trigger promptly without hesitating in order to capitalise on the opportunity. We’ve disciplined ourselves mentally and prepared ourselves in terms of information and scenarios, as well as established relationships with brokers and analysts, to be able to execute seamlessly.

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Our Investments

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Successful investing always start with the creation of a vision based on current knowledge of the industry and the creative input of industry specialist in our team create a fast analysis of the situation in order to execute the 5 step investment plan in an accelerated and rapid execution.

Throughout these steps and investment criteria Arbitrage Holdings has taken an active equity position through direct investment as well as cross investment service offerings for equity if the companies that falls within our mandate.

Our cultivated network provides us with an ever increasing ability to assess, formulate and manage business strategies, particularly customised for the needs of each portfolio investment.

From our South African roots, Arbitrage Holdings has geographically invested across Africa, UAE, Mauritius and into Europe.

Arbitrage Holdings invests in businesses that can deliver exceptional earnings and dividend and capital growth over the long term. The key is to find an equilibrium between shareholder needs and growth requirements for the company, to sustain the value way above the inflationary erosion and create infinite wealth for generations. This involves the acquisition of significant equity and/or debt in identified companies in order to have valued influence. Sound management is an important investment criterion for Arbitrage and unlocking additional value to the investment through our cross services and network of influence. By associating us with the best, and attracting the best employees throughout our network is exceptionally important to us.

Our consolidated investment vehicles gravitates the same investment philosophy – to partner with and support existing management teams to help deliver solid operating results and drive innovation as well as operational efficiencies.

Arbitrage Holdings builds long-term partnership-oriented relationships, that is mutually beneficial through our entrepreneurial and alliance approach to portfolio investing. As a pure investment driven group we always focus on profit derivatives with a human touch in mind that is deeply infused in everything we invests in and execute. Our skilled and experienced team manages many esteemed local and international partnerships with leading experts in their underlying areas, businesses and other Private Equity, Venture Capital and Impact Investment funds. Always striving to give a fresh approach to investing, and in business development.

Arbitrage Holdings builds long-term partnership-oriented relationships, that are mutually beneficial through our entrepreneurial and alliance approach to portfolio investing.